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Eurovision 2016: Chewing the fat on Sweden’s Melodifestivalen champ Frans

IF you’re one of the three people who followed Sight & Song when it was a 20 minute-ish vlog, you’ll notice that the 20 minute-ish vlog has been conspicuous by its absence these past few weeks. Basically, I’ve decided not to do it that way any more. It was a lot of work for hardly any views so I’ve had a re-think about how to do it.

Basically, the different bits that went into each episode of Sight & Song (well, nearly all… there probably won’t be any more pretend ads) will now be posted up here as bite-size nuggets. It means you don’t have to pretend (if you ever meet me) that you’ve sat through a whole episode of Sight & Song (go on, bet you skipped Fantasy Eurovision League if you weren’t playing it…) and from now on we’ll just have bits and bibs every so often. Starting with Glyn and I having a cuppa and ruminating on what the various songs taking part this year are like – and if we like them.

Whilst Melodifestivalen was on last night (brilliant feed from Swedish telly by the way, I ran it through the projector in the spare room from Apple TV and it barely flickered), Glyn baked a cake – he does look after me well. Away from the oven and considering this was the only instalment of Melfest our travels enabled me to be at home for this year, it struck me that if you stripped away the massive venue, glitz and effects, the songs taking part weren’t exactly a cut above what has been circulating in the other countries’ picks this year. I can’t wait to see Joe & Jake doing their stuff on a similar stage about 10 weeks from now as I think those lads have the lungpower to make an impression on a huge stage – although I know that opinion will get a sneer from some corners of the fanbase.

I’d have gone for Wiktoria over Frans but that will all be meaningless in May when when 99.9999999% of those tuning in won’t have the faintest idea which songs were left behind in the domestic heats.

In the meantime, have a click to find out what Glyn and I have to say about the whole thing. Your comments are always appreciated and if there’s anything you’d like Sight & Song to be doing – please let me know. Ta.

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2 thoughts on “Eurovision 2016: Chewing the fat on Sweden’s Melodifestivalen champ Frans

  1. First thing I’d like to say is that I really enjoyed Sight & Song – the 20 minute version, for what that is worth! You did put a lot of work into it and if me and Rags were the only viewers, I totally understand why you want to do it in smaller bits. I always watched Eurovision Fantasy League but I am the current champion and second at the moment – to be honest, it’s not really changing much week on week this season so I suppose it was only my ego that was being massaged!

    Having the cam where you’ve put it, it is all reminiscent of Boom-Bang-A-Blog which I loved too – all power to your elbow, do what you enjoy doing Jamie, I’ll still watch it!

    Btw, do you think that Frans and Christer will put a dance in to get Glyn’s vote? lol 😉

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