Dernières Nouvelles
  • SWEDEN: Frans isn't sorry he's off to Stockholm - from Stockholm
  • AZERBAIJAN: Miraculous tune announced for oil-rich nation
  • BULGARIA: Still waiting for Poli's song
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Welcome to the Sight & Song website – in sound and vision

It’s a long time since I wrote a blogpost. Or ran a Eurovision website. Boom Bang a Blog came to an end in 2014 when the company I work for (who ran the blog) decided (understandably) to change tack on its blog policy and I had the option of either moving it wholesale/starting it from scratch on another server or trying something new. My other site, Whoops Dragovic, has been in an embarrassing slumber for six years now and is probably not the right sort of platform for satisfying today’s fan of the competition. They want exclusives and they want them before they’ve even happened in real-time.

That’s why I’ve been doing Sight & Song for the past 12 months. It’s a lot more Whoops than Boom but it’s a format I’ve been having a lot of fun with, even though you can count its viewers on the thumb of one hand. That’s not a problem though, these days the number of Eurovision websites offering news as it breaks escalates with each passing Contest. My working hours just don’t allow me to compete so instead I’m just going to go back to what made me want to start doing Whoops Dragovic 16 years – write really daft things about Eurovision. Have fun with what the Contest is all about, do very silly spoofs and basically, as they say in Liverpool, act soft with it. Take a look at an example below.

Much as I’ve enjoyed sticking Sight & Song up on its own Vimeo channel, I’ve really missed writing stuff to go with it. Once the vlog is out there, that’s it. Putting one together is such a time-consuming process (about 48 hours from start to finish) and the rendering and uploading phase is hardly instantaneous either, that it’s getting difficult to talk about what’s going on as it happens.

So here’s the compromise. The Sight & Song website. It’s the official home of the vlog – but now there’s going to be a bit of scribbling on a day-to-day basis too. Watch one, read the other, do one, either or neither. It’s entirely up to you. But I hope you’ll leave me a few comments from time to time. It’s the interactivity I’ve missed the most.

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