Dernières Nouvelles
  • SWEDEN: Frans isn't sorry he's off to Stockholm - from Stockholm
  • AZERBAIJAN: Miraculous tune announced for oil-rich nation
  • BULGARIA: Still waiting for Poli's song
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Sight & Song episode 17: Eurovision-y updates for this week

I work in a deadline-driven environment so you think I’d enjoy not worrying about them at weekends. However, I still love being strict with myself about when the next Sight & Song has to be done and dusted and ready for upload. My desire to get finished ahead of schedule this week so I continue tinkering with Sight & Song’s new home may explain why you may, umm… recognise some of the footage from this week’s Europeun Brordkasting Uniun (if you’ve been following it from the very start, that is). ¬†Funny how it suddenly goes very dark in the office during the final scene…



Here’s another pointless tidbit for you. While this was uploading to Vimeo, Glyn taught me how to play chess. It hasn’t all sunk in yet although I did capture a couple of pawns. Right, I’m off to find the best way to watch the Belgian final online.

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