Dernières Nouvelles
  • SWEDEN: Frans isn't sorry he's off to Stockholm - from Stockholm
  • AZERBAIJAN: Miraculous tune announced for oil-rich nation
  • BULGARIA: Still waiting for Poli's song


IF you do want to know what Sight & Song is all about and you’ve just stumbled across it on this website, here you will find all the vlog episodes so far, beginning with the first instalment in January 2015.

EPISODE 16: It’s the early days of 2016 national final season so this latest edition of Sight & Song is short but brief. Marvel at the unwisely selected camera angle which shows off our host’s flabby chin throughout – and if that hasn’t put you off, take tea while ruminating over this year’s entry from Albania. Otherwise, it’s Ladies’ Night at the EBU in Europeun Brordkasting Uniun, we take a peek at the songs competing in Belgium, Lithuania and Hungary and watch out for the recently found footage of the Eurocat auditions from 1990. All that in less than 18 minutes.

EPISODE 15: New Year 2016. Back for the 2016 national final season, Sight & Song is full of the usual Eurovision-based nonsense. Former UK entrant Alex Larke hands over the Fantasy Eurovision League trophy for 2015, Cynthia, Dirk and Enid are back in Europeun Brordkasting Uniun while we make the most of the first inklings of news on the road to Stockholm in May.

EPISODE 14: Eurovision Week 2015. Eurovision is oh so very nearly here and Sight & Song is live* at the press centre** in Vienna to bring you all the action as the semi-finals and final of the 2015 Contest draw close. Who’s gonna win? We probably can’t tell you that but we can let you know how all the rehearsals have been going.

*This is a big fib
**Also a big fib

EPISODE 13: Eurovision is almost with us. Rehearsals are imminent so we knock back a mug of Darjeeling while digesting the chances of Moldova, Armenia, Greece, Hungary and Romania. There’s the second half of Eurovision’s Unsung Diamonds, celebrating the 60th edition of the show and there’s another update in the Fantasy League. Plus a rather childish joke about the San Marino entry to kick things off. I’m already feeling the need to apologise.

EPISODE 12: It’s almost time for the big final and we’ve brewed up loads of tea before having a shufty at the entries from Australia, Poland, Russia, Belgium and Poland. Some of Eurovision’s unsung diamonds have been dusted off while the EBU scientists sing their way through the running order for this year. If you’ve got a bit of cash to spare after that, you can Ask Bonnie for some Electric Velcro. Oh yes.

EPISODE 11: After a week off to clean the leaves out the gutter, Sight & Song returns with bags of Eurovisiony goodness. Find out how Sweden is employing animated mini wizards to seek success, wallow in the joy that Israel also has a catalogue where cheap clunky jewellery can be purchased and check out Australia’s first ever Eurovision song. We’ll also take tea and ponder the chances of Ireland, San Marino and Norway.

EPISODE 10: It was the week when UK Eurovision fans everywhere held their collective breath and waited for the BBC to unleash the British entry for Vienna on to the eyes and ears of an expectant island. Find out how things went Electro Velvet-wise as well as the fella who won the German final turning the job down on live telly. You can also see how vanity – and the need to save on bus fare to Geneva shopping precinct – catches up with Cynthia in Europeun Brordkasting Uniun.

EPISODE 9: March gambols in with the lamb and it brings with it just over half of the 40 entries for Eurovision 2015. Jamie and Glyn take tea over the Finnish punk band PKN and Latvian chanteuse Aminata while there’s also news on Spain’s freshly revealed song and the ditty choosing in Ireland, Slovenia, Moldova and Hungary. Plus, keep your eyes open for a brand new savings scheme for unimaginative Contest fans.

EPISODE 8: They’re picking songs left right and centre but this week we have a nice sit down and a cuppa while ruminating on the chances of Estonia and Italy. There’s also a sneaky peek at the freshly squeezed Latvian entry, a double update on Fantasy Eurovision League and everyone’s getting their talents out at Eurupeun Brordkasting Uniun.

EPISODE 7: It’s been one of the biggest weeks for Eurovision news in years. Over at Eurupeun Brordkasting Uniun, Dirk and Enid are tasked with making Australia as welcome to the Contest as possible. In the (ahem) real world, Serbia has sent someone shimmying and fabulous, Italy may or may not have picked a potential winner while Iceland have opted for a girl in a floaty frock. You’re all most welcome.

EPISODE 6: It’s February and national final season is in full swing. Denmark has all chosen, Sweden is in the process of being all chosen while Ireland has just found out what it can all choose from. And then there’s Cyprus. Do pop in.

EPISODE 5: February is here and national finals season is well underway in Eurovisionland. See what Switzerland has selected, who’s through in Iceland and what the lovely folk of Denmark have been given to choose from. Includes scones. And a cat.

EPISODE 4: One month in – more or less – to 2015 and this Eurovision Song Contest vlog is just about hanging in there on the road to Vienna. Learn of the warm welcome the French entry received on the internet (ahem), how Estonia may just have the winner on its hands and how the Eurupeun Brordkasting Uniun is doing its bit for the fans.

EPISODE 3: More from the vlog which hitches a ride on the road to Vienna 2015 and the 60th Eurovision Song Contest. The latest goings on as ditty choosing gathers pace around Europe, the second round of Fantasy Eurovision League, bake off intrigue at Eurupeun Brordkasting Uniun and some useful advice for sheep farmers.

EPISODE 2: Another instalment in the Eurovision magazine show/bag of foolishness as a continent’s song pickers looks towards this year’s event in Vienna in May. Includes another instalment of Europeun Brordkasting Uniun, the first results in Fantasy Eurovision League and some very useful information for regular nappy buyers.

EPISODE 1: Well, you’ve got to start somewhere. First instalment of the Eurovision vlog which aims to entertain as well as inform. In this opening episode, sign up to play Fantasy Eurovision League, meet the heroes of our white knuckle drama Europeun Brordkasting Uniun, enjoy a cup of tea while listening to some of this year’s entries – and you won’t believe who has just signed up for pottery class.